reaple supporter's message

Congratulations on reaple founding !

Congratulations to the reaple Team for starting out an endeavor that will boost growth across the Davao Region and the entire Philippines!  Indeed, the local value chains can greatly benefit from partnerships with related industries of Japan which can serve as markets for their

Merly M. CruZ

products and services, suppliers of their needed technologies or investors in their operational expansions. 

The same partnerships can provide more Filipinos with income opportunities in japan.  In return Filipino professionals and technicians can augment the requirements of Japanese companies for skilled and trainable human capital. All these are aligned with the Philippine Government’s goal of achieving prosperity for all. 

Through the years, alliances between the governments and the private sectors of the Philippines and Japan have delivered tangible results that to this day benefit many.  A case in point is the development of the specific sectors that were assisted by the Davao Industry Cluster Capacity Enhancement Project (DICCEP) and the National Industry Cluster Capacity Enhancement Project (NICCEP), which were both successfully implemented by the Department of Trade & Industry (DTI) and the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA).  

I look forward to more of these fruitful undertakings as the reaple Team embarks to further strengthen ties between the Philippines and Japan.  More importantly, I trust the reaple Team to mobilize new projects that will similarly accelerate the growth of MSMEs, help improve the lives of Filipinos and will push for inclusive growth in our country. 

Merly M. CruZ 
Adviser for MSME Development
Former Undersecretary at Department of Trade and industry of the Philippines

Great opportunities for the Philippines and Japan

“Reverse development assistance, such as what Reaple is pursuing by sending Filipino IT engineers in Japan to share their skills and teach English to their Japanese counterparts, is a welcome development. ICT Davao, Inc., the information and communication technology council of Davao Region, supports this initiative wholeheartedly. Our partnership with JICA through Takahiro Sasaki was a eye-opener of the greater opportunities for both the Philippines and Japan.

Samuel R. Matunog I
President I ICT Davao, Inc.

Embark on a path to develop our relationship

Japan and The Philippines has a long history of cooperation, not only between its governments but the relations of the private sector, bringing businesses to a higher level, producing high quality products and services. We do not only look at Japan as a market or client for Philippine products, but a development partner with the aim of strengthening both economies, and contributing to development of Asia, most especially ASEAN.

Our company, Chokolate de San Isidro, Inc. (CSI), a social enterprise based in Davao Region, Philippines, one of the pioneers in cacao exportation from the Philippines, is in line with the objective of REAPLE in building relations among private sector partners, looking at more innovative ways of doing business and building enterprises in both Japan and the Philippines.

We believe in growth that does not only focus on the supply chain, but creating value through partnerships and innovative business models, giving focus on sustainable enterprises/SMEs that will propel the upscaling of the agriculture sector.

These and more, will define the future, as CSI and reaple embark on a path that will develop further the ties that bind our countries.”

Dante R. Muyco, Jr.
Marketing Director, Chokolate de San Isidro, Inc.
Past President (2016-18), Cacao Industry Development Association of Mindanao