Visited the Philippines for the first time in 2 years and 9 months

On November 9, 2022, we signed a consultancy agreement with Spectee Inc.(Tokyo,Japan) to support the JICA SME/SDG Business Support Project ” SDGs Business Model Formulation Survey with the Private Sector for AI real-time crisis management information system using SNS information in the Philippines “.

Spectee Inc. provides “Spectee Pro,” a service that collects and analyzes data from SNS, weather data, road and river cameras, etc., and distributes crisis management information in Japan. Spectee Pro has been adopted by many local governments, public offices, private companies and media, contributing to the visualization of disaster situations.
This time, we will investigate the technical and institutional feasibility of using “Spectee Pro” as a platform for disaster information by connecting it to seismographs, weather radar, flood monitoring systems, hazard maps, and other data that have been supported by Official Development Assistance (ODA) in the Philippines.

Spectee Pro,which uses AI to analyze dangerous information such as disasters, incidents, and accidents in real time from among information posted on SNS, and distributes accurate information by confirming it with human eyes, is surely in demand in the Philippines, a disaster-prone country with abundant SNS information.

We look forward to seeing the future development of this project, which will turn the various forms of cooperation fostered by ODA into a sustainable business initiative.

Visit Mr. Sakamoto, Chief Representative of JICA Philippine and explained the outline of the survey.
Received an offer of support for business development.
Visited Assistant Secretary Alejandro at OCD (Office of Civil Defense) to hear about the central government’s crisis management information and to discuss the introduction of Spectee Pro.
Visit to Dr. Cedric, Director of APSEMO (Albay Provincial Public Safety and Emergency Management Office), to hear about crisis management information of the provincialgovernment and to discuss the introduction of Spectee Pro.